90+ Interesting Debate Topics

Brainstorming things to debate about and creating compelling debating ideas can be hard at times. You must factor in many elements before you settle on one topic. For instance, you must determine if the topic is debatable, easy to research, and how your teacher will perceive the topic, among other concerns.

One of the best approaches to consider when evaluating and choosing hot topic discussions is the complexity of the topic. The more complex the topic is, the more time keep debating about it. As a starting point, we have included over 90 debate topics in this article; you can review and reconsider your choices.

Guide to choosing debate topics for your papers

· What is the most debated topic?

The most debated, better known as the most controversial topic, is one affecting the whole society at large in different dimensions. It can be about politics, entertainment, sports, or any other significant element affecting people and the surroundings. We will highlight more of these topics in the next sections.

· What is a fun debate?

While debates are significant in teaching life skills, speaking effectively, and improving listening and understanding skills, it creates room for people to express their opinions. Controversial topics can be a bit tricky, especially in the classroom. However, starting with fun topics creates a fun debate atmosphere for every student to participate. Check some of the debate topics below that will create a fun debate.

Good debating questions to consider

What are good topics for a debate?

  1. Public schools are better than private schools
  2. Schools should ban junk foods
  3. Students who score better in school succeed in life
  4. School uniforms aren’t important
  5. Girls experience more peer pressure than boys
  6. Boarding schools have negative impacts on students
  7. Blue-collar jobs are better than white-collar jobs
  8. PCs and better than Macs
  9. Watching TV is better than reading a novel
  10. E-books are better than paper books
  11. Dogs are better than cats
  12. Summer is good than winter
  13. Teachers should be paid more
  14. Everyone should own a gun
  15. College education should be compulsory
  16. Technology is improving people’s living standards
  17. Is mobile financing secure?
  18. Churches should also pay taxes
  19. Politics shouldn’t be allowed in school
  20. Gay marriages should be illegalized

Good debate topics

  1. Digital devices should replace paperwork
  2. National museums should be free
  3. Kids should not be allowed to play video games
  4. Schools should ban the exam system
  5. Swimming should be mandatory for all students
  6. All students must learn at least one foreign language
  7. Democracy is the best form of government
  8. Happiness is better than success
  9. Siblings should study in the same school
  10. Students should not be given pocket money
  11. The death penalty should be abolished
  12. Boarders should be removed globally
  13. Women make better bosses than men
  14. There is life after death
  15. Sex education should be mandatory in schools
  16. College degrees are effective in securing a better job
  17. Drug testing should be introduced in schools
  18. Schools should have armed security guards
  19. Schools should introduce a healthy lunch program
  20. Artificial intelligence is dangerous

Interesting topics to debate

  1. Traditional education is better than online education
  2. Email is the best way to communicate
  3. Technology is effective in curbing crimes
  4. Vaccines are significant for babies
  5. Immunization should be mandatory
  6. People should consider homeopathic medicine
  7. Evolution theory is a fact
  8. Human cloning should be illegal
  9. Illegal immigrants are not criminals
  10. Global warming is a fact
  11. Human beings contribute highly to global warming
  12. Overpopulation is a threat to the nation
  13. Mining should be abolished
  14. Zoos are significant to the environment
  15. The government should invest in other energy sources
  16. Censorship through the internet isn’t justified
  17. Graffiti is an art
  18. Couples should live together before marriage
  19. Talent is better than hard work
  20. The government should implement free birth control measures

Easy debate topics

  1. Smoking should be banned
  2. Sex work should be illegalized
  3. Group activities are better than individual work
  4. Elementary school children should not have access to the internet
  5. The exploitation of resources in popular zones should be banned
  6. Multiple choice tests should be abolished
  7. Students should have a motivational talk session with experts
  8. Dating in high school is a bad idea
  9. Couples should be of the same age set
  10. Playing outdoors is better than playing indoors
  11. Smoking weed affects brain development
  12. Becoming an Instagram influencer is a good idea
  13. Joe Bidden is better than Donald Trump
  14. Teens should not be allowed to use Facebook and Instagram
  15. Men should have a say in adopting abortion laws
  16. Religion should be a mandatory subject in school
  17. Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling
  18. Math and science are better subjects than music and art
  19. People should pay taxes according to their incomes
  20. There should be freedom of speech

Fun debate topics

  1. Corporal punishment should be abolished in schools and homes
  2. People should spend more money on needy people than on pets
  3. The government should put in place more nursing homes
  4. Every person should have the right to privacy
  5. Companies should pay due for environmental pollution
  6. GMOs should be banned
  7. Adopting organic farming is the way to go
  8. Tourism is important to the environment
  9. Technology has improved the social life of human beings
  10. Guns kill rather than protect people
  11. Money means happiness
  12. People change their actions once they have power
  13. Wisdom is better than intelligence
  14. Success is measured by what a person has
  15. Plastic packaging should be banned
  16. How to prevent environmental disaster
  17. Space travel is costly
  18. Adopting kids is a perfect idea for couples
  19. The internet has a bad influence on the mental health
  20. Drinking is harmful

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