70+ Debate Topics for Middle School Students

Debatable questions are great to help middle schoolers learn various skills to help them academically and in real life. For instance, students get to learn to build confidence in public speaking, critical thinking skills, and working as a team. However, coming up with debate topics for middle schoolers can be a bit challenging.

How to come up with debate topics for middle schoolers?

While a debate topic should be interesting, debatable, fun, and engaging, it can be hard to consider all these elements at the same time. That is why we have compiled over 70 debate topics for middle schoolers to ease your research process. Some are debate topics for 7th graders, while some are fun debate topics for middle schoolers. However, all these topics will interest and engage middle schoolers and boost their psych to take part in the debating process. Below are the best topics to consider.

Fun debate topics for middle schoolers

  1. Schools should have physical education
  2. All students should volunteer in community services
  3. All middle schoolers should learn a second language
  4. Math is the best subject in school
  5. Cheating in homework is okay
  6. School days should be longer
  7. Education is better than talent
  8. Students should use smart devices when learning
  9. Students under thirteen should not use social media platforms
  10. Board games are better than video games
  11. Video games improve the concentration of a student
  12. Schools should have surveillance cameras
  13. Parents should read their children’s diaries
  14. Students should get regular allowances
  15. Plastic bottles should be banned
  16. City life is better than upcountry
  17. Students should get candies as rewards in school
  18. Non-fiction is better than fiction
  19. Fruit is a dessert
  20. Nutella is good than peanut butter

Debate topics for 7th graders

  1. Children should not drink soda
  2. A single-sex school is better than a mixed one
  3. The government should restrict freedom of speech
  4. Cooking classes should be mandatory
  5. All citizens should vote
  6. Handwriting is a crucial element in education
  7. Recycling should be mandatory
  8. Education is the only way to succeed
  9. The driving age should be lowered
  10. A chocolate milkshake is better than hot chocolate
  11. Students should perform daily chores
  12. Solar energy should replace other forms of energy
  13. Parents should not smoke in front of parents
  14. Hamburgers are better than hot dogs
  15. Teachers should have a defined dressing code
  16. Smartphones waste our time
  17. Police should promote our safety
  18. Boys should play with girls freely
  19. Teenagers should not get tattoos
  20. Facebook should have a dislike button

Debate topics for middle school

  1. Higher education is necessary
  2. Students should have the freedom
  3. Students’ loans are exploitive
  4. Human beings destroy the environment
  5. Telling lies is wrong
  6. Giving is better than receiving
  7. Parents should be accountable for their children’s mistakes
  8. Being kind is better than being truthful
  9. Every homestead should have a pet
  10. The Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter

Middle school debate topics

  1. Students should not go to school on their birthdays
  2. Higher education determines the future of a person
  3. Social media platforms have affected how people socialize
  4. All people should be vegetarian
  5. Exporting live animals is not ethical
  6. Politicians should be active in social media
  7. Teenage girls should not access birth control measures
  8. Parents should support their children in learning
  9. Electric cars are overrated
  10. Technology affects our health negatively

Good debate topics for middle school

  1. Financial education should be mandatory
  2. Men are stronger than women
  3. Students should have homework
  4. Schooling should be all-year-round
  5. Cultural diversity is significant in school
  6. Colleges should abolish the grading system
  7. Television provides more information than books
  8. Political subjects should be encouraged in schools
  9. Students should learn basic first aid
  10. Students should rate teachers

Easy debate topics for middle school

  1. Schools should reward students who perform better
  2. Students should be allowed to pray
  3. The use of drugs should be abolished during sports
  4. The size of a class affects productivity
  5. Extreme discipline is child abuse
  6. A house should be clean and always
  7. Peer pressure is good
  8. Police should be allowed to use deadly force
  9. Illegal immigrant’s children should access public education
  10. All policemen should have body camera

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