50+ Controversial Debate Topics

Are you searching for the best controversial debate topics that can fuel a hot discussion and make you want to research more on the concept to prove your argument? Well, this blog has interesting and exciting controversial topics to talk about with your peers and fellow students.

Controversial questions for your topics

While there are many controversial debate topics to choose from, let’s highlight the concerns below as we highlight some of the topics below.

· What is the most controversial debate?

While in school, you may have to write about a controversial issue. This means that you must explore topics revolving around controversies like gun control, abortion, and capital punishment, among many others. Such topics are controversial because they will challenge your general perspective on different elements as you try to think harder. When writing such a paper, ensure you understand the arguments in both perspectives in order to give your stand some hard facts.

· What is a good controversial topic?

A controversial issue that is good means you can find relevant information on both perspectives along with strong arguments to back up your claims. Besides, it is easy to create a thesis statement for such a topic.

Top controversial debate topics to consider

What are the hardest debate topics?

  1. Prisoners should also vote
  2. Drug addicts should not be punished
  3. Obese people should spend more on healthcare
  4. Soft drugs should be legalized
  5. All people should have a basic income
  6. Social media is bad
  7. A person should take tests before becoming a parent
  8. Children should have smart gadgets
  9. Animal testing should be abolished
  10. Covid vaccines should be mandatory
  11. Driverless cars should not be allowed in some countries
  12. Capital punishment is effective
  13. Advanced technology is creating high unemployment rates
  14. Gambling and betting should be illegal
  15. Women should also work during night shifts

Interesting controversial topics

  1. It is hard to achieve world peace
  2. Adultery should be criminalized
  3. Organ donation should not be mandatory
  4. Reservations shouldn’t be based on economic status
  5. Attempted suicide should be criminalized
  6. Bullet for a bullet is the right policy
  7. Men suffer silently
  8. Schools should ban mobile phones
  9. The government should own and control all prisons
  10. The U.N should have a standing army
  11. Going green isn’t a solution to global warming
  12. Privatization of social security
  13. NFT is a bad investment
  14. Cryptocurrency isn’t reliable
  15. The cancel culture is cyberbullying

Controversial discussion topics

  1. Employee’s social media activities should be monitored
  2. Blockchain technology is damaging the environment
  3. Trimetazidine should be allowed in sports
  4. Divorce can harm children
  5. Violence is inherent
  6. Psychological disorder is caused by information overload
  7. Men should be given parental leave
  8. Overcoming stress and motivation leads to success
  9. The fur business should be banned
  10. Drones violate the rights of land owners
  11. LGBTQ should have their rights
  12. You are what you eat
  13. Marijuana can be an effective medicine
  14. Living a healthy lifestyle requires money
  15. Organ donation after death should be embraced

Controversial conversation topics

  1. The government should not tract the citizens
  2. A healthy lifestyle does not guarantee of long life
  3. Obesity is genetic
  4. Should public prayers be held at school?
  5. Long school holidays are pointless
  6. People should embrace adult education
  7. Parents should help students with their homework
  8. Teachers should be paid according to the success of the students
  9. Discipline in class guarantees success
  10. Couples are happier than singles
  11. Men should take the lead in initiating a relationship
  12. Globalization is better than nationalism
  13. Regulations on firearms should become strict
  14. Every vote is not important
  15. Talented people improve the countries’ wealth

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